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February 2022

Clever alternatives to screws: Fastening data loggers with magnets

Fastening with screws or industrial adhesive tape is not always the first choice. On metallic surfaces, there are excellent options for fixing our lightweight data loggers with magnets. However, the range and possibilities are enormous! Our technical department has taken a look at the choices and has made these recommendations to our customers for attaching our data loggers: Self-adhesive neodymium power magnetic tape with an adhesive force of 450 g/cm² - is quickly fixed and ensures a flat, firm connection. Alternative: Neodymium flat pot magnets with Ø 16 or Ø 20 mm.

All details and sources of supply can be found in the FAQs on our customer portal!


January 2022

ASPION moves into new offices for further growth

With the beginning of the new year, we are moving our company headquarters to new offices. This creates space for further growth with additional team members and the training of young talents. Our new address in Karlsruhe is:

ASPION GmbH - Alte Kreisstraße 40 - 76149 Karlsruhe, Germany.

All other contact details will remain as before.

We wish everyone a great, happy and healthful new year 2022 and look forward to continued trustful cooperation and exciting developments!

December 2021

A good deed every day: Advent calendar filled with good deeds

Advent, Advent: This year we support "24 good deeds" and every day we open a door with a good deed - that not only gives us great joy, but also conjures up smiling faces and helps, day after day! Because every day a door to a better world opens. Whether health, education, supply or our nature, every project is carefully selected by the makers of 24 GUTE TATEN e.V.

We would like to thank our business partners for their trust, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to a happy, healthy and successful New Year!

November 2021

ASPION receives Baden-Württemberg Innovation Prize 2021

ASPION GmbH has been awarded this year's Baden-Württemberg Innovation Prize. On 16 November 2021, Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Economic Affairs Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut presented the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Prize to ASPION's managing director duo Martina and Michael Wöhr at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart. The €50,000 prize is awarded annually to small and medium-sized companies for the outstanding development and application of new technologies. ASPION received the award for its intelligent data loggers, which monitor shock-sensitive goods for possible transport damage and thus ensure a smooth supply chain. The Karlsruhe-based company was chosen from over 110 applicants for the coveted award.

Read press release

November 2021

ASPION G-Log monitors transport of Bundeswehr helicopters

"In order to ensure the transport of our highly sensitive weapon system "NH90" worldwide, it is indispensable to record the g-forces acting on the aircraft to be transported in order to determine in a targeted manner whether the limits have been exceeded. With the G-Log, for example, a load can be recorded in all axes over the entire flight and then evaluated. The data analysis turns out to be extremely practicable and ... "

Read the entire customer statement from the Bundeswehr and other customer testimonials


October 2021

Jubilee offer and innovation award: Celebrate with us!

We want to celebrate with you: 10 years of ASPION GmbH, 5 years of ASPION G-Log data loggers and the joy of being awarded with renowned Baden-Württemberg Innovation Award 2021. Rely on the proven and excellent ASPION data loggers for the transport of your goods now and benefit from particularly favourable prices until 31.12.2021 - for your entry and your expansion.

Click here to go directly to the jubilee offer with up to 10 % jubilee discount!


FachPack - Experience ASPION data loggers live!

September 2021

Many thanks to your visit at FACHPACK

We would like to thank you for the numerous interesting discussions at this year's FACHPACK, the leading European trade fair for packaging, technology and processes, at the end of September. There were many interested people who came to our stand to find out about smart transport monitoring with ASPION data loggers - and in particular the new monitoring of shock/vibration in accordance with IEC 60721-3-2 standard.

We are already looking forward to the next trade fair: LogiMAT in Stuttgart in March 2022.


July 2021

New version 5, new level: ASPION data logger with unique functions

The new version 5 offers a whole range of new functionalities for the operation of ASPION data loggers. A unique feature is the shock/vibration test in accordance with the transport standard, which the ASPION G-Log 2 data logger is the first of its kind to have. Also new in the smartphone apps are multi-readout, live view, as well as graphs and shock details and several other convenience features for all data loggers.

Get to know the unique functions and innovations!

The new PC software is available via download in the ASPION customer portal, the smartphone apps via the respective app stores.

Read more details on the shock/vibration test according to the transport standard in the press release.

May 2021

ASPION concludes cooperation with HongKe, China

In order to provide industrial partners in China with ASPION data loggers, ASPION and Guangzhou Hongke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have concluded a cooperation agreement. As a high-tech company, HongKe serves industrial partners in the fields of medical electronics and control, automotive electronics and automation with its nine subsidiaries throughout China. To meet the monitoring and protection requirements of high-value goods in the supply chain, HongKe now relies on ASPION's professional data loggers.

ASPION celebrates 10 years

April 2021

ASPION celebrates 10-year company anniversary

On 13 April 2011, Michael Woehr founded ASPION GmbH as a sole proprietor. The goal of his development was autonomous smart sensors with long runtimes and simple operation for Industry 4.0 applications. The first standard product was born in January 2016 from the customer requirements of an internationally operating mechanical engineering company: the ASPION G-Log shock sensor with wireless communication, intuitive PC software and smartphone apps. Two further product variants of the data loggers and the extensive expertise in shock / impact detection and its interpretation now inspire more than 500 international customers of all sizes in numerous industries.

Press release

March 2021

Analysing data logger: Interpreting shock, impact and vibration

Data logger record a variety of environmental conditions during transports, which are used for analysis. Interpreting climate data such as temperature and humidity is not difficult. The situation is different when it comes to evaluating and analysing shocks and impacts, which can have sometimes devastating consequences on sensitive goods in transit. How to analyse and evaluate such undesired accelerations is explained in the data logger analysis using the example of ASPION shock sensors.

March 2021

New regulations in ADR 2021 for batteries in "data collectors":
ASPION sensors DGR compliant

With changes on 01/01/2021, the new section 5.5.4 of ADR 2021 comes into force, which regulates the handling of lithium-ion batteries in data collectors. The good news first: Handling with ASPION data loggers remains as simple as usual, a labeling obligation is still not applicable. Also, all ASPION G-Log shock sensors are IATA DGR compliant and do not require any special handling, not even for air cargo.

The updated whitepaper ASPION Data Loggers and Transport Regulations, available in our customer portal, explains the background and regulations in detail, provide links to important information and gives useful practical tips.

January 2021

A warm welcome: Three new ASPION partners

ASPION transport data loggers are now available to customers from our new distribution partners. We look forward to a successful cooperation with these companies:

FJ-TEC Industriebedarf e.K., based in Wetter, Hesse, supplies industrial companies throughout Europe with its range of around 25,000 articles. TransPack Krumbach, with its focus on the areas of transport packaging and load securing, has a range of over 8,000 articles available for its industrial customers. WITO Automation AG, based in Switzerland, is a service and trading company in the field of industrial automation technology with customers from the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

January 2021

Software Made in Germany" quality seal awarded for the 5th time

Software Made in Germany" seal of quality awarded for the 5th time
A well thought-out UX design creates enthusiastic user experiences. This is not only confirmed by our customers, but especially by the renewed award of the quality seal 'Software Made in Germany' with the main features "100% Service, 100% Quality, 100% Future". For the 5th time in a row ASPION receives the seal of approval for its ASPION G-Log system with data loggers, software and apps.

The Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand BITMi e.V. (German Association of IT SMEs) awards the seal to medium-sized companies that develop products and software that stand out for their well thought-out design, tried-and-tested solutions, continuous innovations and competent, comprehensive customer service.

January 2021

5 years ASPION G-Log - Happy birthday!

Happy birthday ASPION G-Log: Exactly 5 years ago on 7 January 2016, our first data logger in series production saw the light of day! Today, our shock sensors in three versions accompany valuable goods from our more than 500 industrial customers around the globe every day. The data loggers, ASPION G-Log Manager PC software and smartphone apps are constantly being further developed and have been very easy and intuitive to use right from the start. The positive customer feedback inspires us and is our daily driving force for further developments with a special user experience!

December 2020

Advent season: A good deed every day

A good deed every day - that is what we want to live during the Advent season.  Because helping makes happy. That is why we are supporting the 24 good deeds Advent calendar this year: Every day a door to a better world opens and every day until Christmas a concrete project is supported. Whether health, education, care or our nature, each project is carefully selected by the makers of 24 GUTE TATEN e.V. Experience which project conjures up bright faces day after day.

November 2020

Proof of quality and liability: solar panel transport from China - user report

"The monitoring of goods in transit by means of data loggers is an important technology, not only for the proof of quality, but also for liability reasons, which is spreading ever faster. Especially when it comes to expensive, durable goods, their use pays off very quickly, as the following example of data loggers for monitoring the transport of solar panels on their way from China to the installation site shows".

Read the full report in the Industrial Communication Journal (in German language)

October 2020

New version 4 of PC software for efficiency and transparency

The new version 4 of the ASPION G-Log Manager ensures efficiency in handling ASPION data loggers. Many smart functions make the use of the data loggers for transport monitoring even clearer, more transparent and more flexible: transparent usage list, data rate with 1,600 Hertz, manipulation protection, map view, network and archive functions, ... and more. Get to know the highlights in detail.

New Version 4 - Highlights in detail

The new PC software is available for download in the ASPION customer portal.