No matter where your goods are: App delivers sensor data via cloud service

ASPION G-Log Premium

The software-based service G-Log Premium extends the performance range of the shock sensors by a cloud memory, location information as well as network functionalities. The solution enables the automatic transfer of events recorded in the G-Log and G-Log Waterproof shock recorders as well as the current GPS position of the goods to a protected cloud memory using a smartphone app. The network functions organize company-wide data management, use and archiving.

ASPION G-Log Premium ist ein cloudbasierter Dienst automatisierten, digitalisierten Überwachung, Nachverfolgung und Analyse der eingesetzten Sensoren

The advantages at a glance


Since there is practically no memory limitation, events can be recorded indefinitely depending on the readout frequency.


The recorded shock and temperature values are accumulated in the cloud memory and can thus be evaluated seamlessly.

Clearly arranged

The location information is displayed visually with the transport events. This enables direct assignment.


The network functionalities ensure common data management, use and archiving.

Easy to use

G-Log Premium is extremely user-friendly. There is no need for training or longer instruction in the functions.


Intelligent encryption mechanisms allow comprehensive protection of all sensitive data.


G-Log Premium uses the existing infrastructure of the smartphone for positioning and transmission, further infrastructure is omitted.

Made in Germany

Completely developed and data hosted in Germany.

Globaler Warentransport

Fields of application

G-Log Premium can be used wherever simple and secure tracking of transport events is required. In particular, the service enables cost-effective monitoring of transport routes without the use of expensive hardware or infrastructure when dispatching high-quality goods that change location several times. The G-Log Premium software service, in conjunction with the data loggers, can also provide valuable services for machines and plants in production as part of the changeover to Industry 4.0.

How it works

ASPION G-Log Premium can be used as a service with all ASPION shock sensors of the series G-Log and G-Log Waterproof. The solution enables the fully automated transfer of shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations recorded in the sensors to a protected cloud memory. In addition, the current GPS position is recorded and stored when the sensor is read. The information obtained can be used to record and graphically output complete evaluations of transport routes and events. Shared access to the data is controlled via the network functionalities.

Clouddienst ASPION G-Log Premium mit Ortung

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