Functions of all ASPION digital shock data loggers

3-axis acceleration sensor and climate sensor

ASPION G-Log shock data logger are used for the transport monitoring of goods and merchandise. The data logger record vibrations, shocks and climate data - depending on the variant temperature / humidity - according to the event principle. An integrated 3-axis acceleration sensor with up to ± 24 g per axis as well as an integrated climate sensor enable the complete recording of measured values that are below or above a predefined threshold value. The shock data logger can be used several times for different transports and are therefore particularly cost-effective. Each shock data logger is provided with a unique ID, which is noted on the housing and additionally stored in the barcode.

Transport monitoring in a nutshell


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Recording shocks in the supply chain


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Easy handling with ergonomic PC software & smartphone app

Using the easily accessible PC software ASPION G-Log Manager, which is included in delivery, the desired threshold values are configured, managed and transferred to the sensors via USB card reader. The data is transferred wirelessly via Near Field Communication (NFC), for the new ASPION G-Log 2 additionally via Bluetooth (BLE). The ASPION G-Log App is also available for easy and convenient reading of the stored data from the data logger. The data stored in the app is quickly and easily sent by e-mail - or automatically transferred to a cloud memory along with location information. The data is further evaluated and processed in the ASPION G-Log Manager PC software. A time-controlled start and stop, a check of the battery capacity, evaluations with selectable time zone and location visualisation or the export as PDF report and Excel format are all done with a mouse click.

Components and usage

A sensor is activated with PC software via USB card reader and threshold values are set. When it reaches its destination, it is read out via Smartphone App and the data is transferred via e-mail. The analysis is carried out conveniently with the PC software.

Write sensor

Set each sensor individually for your needs:
Threshold values, start and stop of recording, transport duration, ...

Simply activate ASPION data logger via app

Activation via smartphone app and premium version

Activate your ASPION G-Log 2 location-independent and process-safe via smartphone app:
Simply scan the QR code, transfer the settings via BLE and the data logger is activated!

Manage Profiles

You use profiles to manage settings 
for your various transports or objects.

Measuring range, sensor type and app control

With global settings, you control the basics: Sensor types, display range up to
±16 g or ±24 g as well as controls for the app such as PIN protection.


You always have an overview of shock and temperture / humidity events: 
All 3 axes, date & time and selectable time zone.

Shock details

The very first shock and another eight highest shocks 
can be seen in the detailed history at millisecond level.

Examples of shock details

The shock details provide information about the course -
separated in milliseconds for all axes.

Temperature evaluation

With the definition of a permitted temperature range with the ASPION G-Log 
you will receive information in case of exceeding or falling short.

climate evaluation

The ASPION G-Log 2 intelligently logs climatic conditions such as
temperature and humidity interval- and event-controlled.

Orientation visualization

If the orientation of a mounted sensor changes at intervals, this is
indicated in the six main directions during the evaluation.

Short live videos of the Smartphone Apps

Read out sensors so easily and quickly with the Smartphone App and send
data analyses by e-mail. Visit our YouTube channel!

Meaningful details at millisecond level

Shock recording with date and time (all 3 axes with g-value) is extended by shock details: The data of a shock event in detail are essential for evaluations and interpretation in the event of damage or for packaging optimisation. The shock data logger records the temporal course of a shock on all three axes up to 24 g per axe at millisecond level. This section of a total of 19 values is used for the exact analysis of the shock course, allows conclusions to be drawn about the effects and makes a significant contribution to the assessment not only in the event of damage. All in all, a sensor permanently stores the very first shock event as well as the other eight highest shock events in this granularity in a separate memory. Thus the ASPION shock sensors deliver a unique depth of detail in contrast to all other data loggers in the same price range.

Find out more details in data logger analysis.

Various versions

The shock sensors are currently available in three versions. The classic ASPION G-Log data logger is housed in a small, compact housing (protection class IP 50) and is primarily suitable for use in transport packaging for measuring shock and temperature. The new generation ASPION G-Log 2 also offers further functions such as humidity measurement, replaceable battery, BLE to read out data through transport boxes and much more.

The ASPION G-Log Waterproof is designed for use in rough environments to record shock and temperature. The waterproof version with encapsulation (protection class IP 65/67) allows outdoor use. The data logger is protected against both water and dust. The battery of these shock sensors cannot be replaced due to construction reasons.

ASPION G-Log Premium - manage sensors flexibly with cloud transfer

The software-based service ASPION G-Log Premium extends the performance range of the shock data loggers with cloud storage: you receive recorded data directly in real time when reading them out and optionally also start ASPION G-Log 2 data loggers via app, regardless of location. The solution automatically transfers the events recorded in the shock recorders as well as the current GPS position of the smartphone with the ASPION G-Log app to a protected, TÜV-certified cloud storage hosted in Germany - and from there directly to your desk!

Proven quality

In order to verify the correctness of the recorded values, the sensors were subjected to a shaker test in an accredited test laboratory. Result: The recorded values show a deviation of only 2.5%. The housing does not cause any damping either. In addition, further resistance tests such as temperature shock tests with the sensors were carried out with consistently positive results.


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The ASPION customer portal provides you with valuable information: The latest version of the PC software, manuals, answers to questions about the sensor, whitepapers e.g. effects on accelerations, and much more.

Register here and get more details about all sensors!

ASPION G-Log App for Smartphones - get the app and watch the videos on YouTube


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Transparenz bei Transportschäden mit dem ASPION G-Log Schocksensor - jetzt testen!

Start now

An ASPION G-Log starter package contains:

  • 2 shock data logger
  • USB card reader
  • sticker "data logger inside"
  • Software and App

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