Functions of the digital shock sensors ASPION G-Log

3-axis acceleration and temperature sensor

The ASPION G-Log shock sensor is used for the transport monitoring of goods and merchandise. The sensors record vibrations, shocks and temperature data according to the event principle. An integrated 3-axis acceleration sensor with up to ± 24 g per axis as well as an integrated temperature sensor enable the complete recording of measured values that are below or above a predefined threshold value. The G-Log shock sensors can be used several times for different transports and are therefore particularly cost-effective. Each sensor is provided with a unique ID, which is noted on the housing and additionally stored in the barcode.

Easy handling with ergonomic PC software & smartphone app

Using the easily accessible PC software ASPION G-Log Manager, which is included in delivery, the desired threshold values are configured, managed and transferred to the sensors via USB card reader. The data is transferred wirelessly via Near Field Communication (NFC). The ASPION G-Log App is also available for easy and convenient reading of the stored data from the sensor. The data stored in the app is quickly and easily sent by e-mail - or automatically transferred to a cloud memory along with location information. The data is further evaluated and processed in the ASPION G-Log Manager PC software. A time-controlled start and stop, a check of the battery capacity, evaluations with selectable time zone and location visualisation or the export as PDF report and Excel format are all done with a mouse click.

ASPION G-Log - Komponenten für die Transportüberwachung mit dem Schocksensor

Komponenten ASPION G-Log

ASPION G-Log setzt sich zusammen aus: Sensor, USB-Kartenleser zur

Datenübertragung per NFC, PC-Software und Smartphone-App.

Sensor beschreiben

Stellen Sie jeden Sensor individuell für Ihre Bedürfnisse ein:

Schwellenwerte, Start und Stopp der Aufzeichnung, Transportdauer, ...

Profile verwalten

Mit Hilfe von Profilen verwalten Sie Einstellungen

für Ihre verschiedenartigen Transporte bzw. Objekte.

Messbereich und PIN-Schutz

Mit globalen Einstellungen legen Sie den Anzeigebereich bis ±16 g oder ±24 g fest.

Mit dem PIN-Schutz steuern Sie die Anzeige beim Auslesen mit der App.


Schock- und Temperaturereignisse haben Sie stets im Überblick:

Alle 3 Achsen, Datum & Uhrzeit und wählbare Zeitzone.


Den allerersten Schock und weitere acht höchste Schocks

sehen Sie im detaillierten Verlauf auf Millisekundenebene.


Mit der Festlegung eines erlaubten Temperaturbereichs

erhalten Sie Informationen bei Über- oder Unterschreitung.


Verändert sich die Lage eines montierten Sensors, so wird dies in

den sechs Hauptrichtungen bei der Auswertung visualisiert.

Auslesen mit Smartphone App

Den Sensor lesen Sie einfach und schnell direkt mit einem

NFC-fähigen Smartphone (Android und iOS) aus.

Anzeige mit und ohne PIN-Schutz

Auf einen Blick sehen Sie, ob kritische Schock- oder Temperatur-Ereignisse

aufgetreten sind. Ist ein PIN-Schutz vergeben, bleiben Details verborgen.


Alle Schock- oder Temperatur-Ereignisse sehen Sie tabellarisch (ohne PIN-Schutz).

Die gesamte Auswertung versenden Sie direkt aus der App per E-Mail.

Menü und Listenansicht

Im Menü treffen Sie verschiedene Einstellungen. Die Listenansicht

gibt einen Überblick über die ausgelesenen Sensoren.

In YouTube ansehen: Funktionsweise des ASPION G-Log Schocksensor

Meaningful details at millisecond level

The data of a shock event in detail are essential for evaluations and interpretation in the event of damage or for packaging optimisation. The sensor records the temporal course of a shock on all three axes at millisecond level. This section of a total of 19 values is used for the exact analysis of the shock course, allows conclusions to be drawn about the effects and makes a significant contribution to the assessment not only in the event of damage. All in all, a sensor permanently stores the very first shock event as well as the other eight highest shock events in this granularity. Thus the ASPION shock sensors deliver a unique depth of detail in contrast to all other data loggers in the same price range.

executions: Standard and weather resistant

The shock sensors are currently available in two versions. The classic ASPION G-Log data logger is housed in a small, compact housing (protection class IP 50) and is primarily suitable for use within transport packaging. The ASPION G-Log Waterproof is designed for use in demanding environments and is also suitable for use in transport packaging. The waterproof version with potting (protection class IP 65) allows outdoor use. The data logger is protected against both water and dust. The battery of these shock sensors cannot be replaced due to on-site conditions.

ASPION G-Log Schocksensor zur Transportüberwachung incl. Temperatursensor
Reliably log shock events with the shock sensor ASPION G-Log
Schocksensor ASPION G-Log als wasserdichte Ausführung: Datenlogger mit Gehäuseschutzart IP 65

Proven quality

In order to verify the correctness of the recorded values, the sensors were subjected to a shaker test in an accredited test laboratory. Result: The recorded values show a deviation of only 2.5%. The housing does not cause any damping either. In addition, further resistance tests such as temperature shock tests with the sensors were carried out with consistently positive results.

Details for Download

ASPION customer portal

The ASPION customer portal provides you with valuable information: The latest version of the PC software, manuals, answers to questions about the sensor, effects on accelerations, and much more.

ASPION G-Log App for Smartphones

Transparenz bei Transportschäden mit dem ASPION G-Log Schocksensor - jetzt testen!

Start now

With the ASPION G-Log starter package with 2 sensors, USB card reader, software and app, you have a cost-effective start for monitoring your transports, testing packaging and your other requirements for transport tasks immediately open. Order your starter package for 199 Euro online today.