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First data logger meets IEC standard


"The G-Log 2 data logger from Germany-based Aspion GmbH is the first shock recorder on the market to implement the continuous shock/vibration test of the European transport standard EN IEC 60721-3-2:2018 with its 2M4/2M5/2M6 classes during transportation."

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Aspion G-Log 2 logs shocks, temperature and humidity

MM MaschinenMarkt

"Aspion has been in business for ten years. Five years ago, the G-Log shock sensor was successfully launched. Now it's time for a little review. In terms of performance scope, depth of detail and price, there is no comparable system."

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Precision sensor technology for the world. ASPION celebrates its 10th anniversary.


"Shock sensors for monitoring the transport of sensitive goods also existed in 2011, but they were far too expensive, cumbersome to handle and impossible to operate without specialist knowledge," explains graduate engineer Michael Wöhr, who founded ASPION GmbH in Karlsruhe ten years ago.

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Aspion G-Log 2 logs shocks, temperature and humidity

polyscope (Schweiz)
1-2 / 2019

"Despite sophisticated logistics and IT, transporting goods to the customer remains a risky undertaking. The products often cover thousands of kilometres and often change carriers several times. Especially when it comes to sensitive machines and equipment, those responsible are worried about the stress their products are exposed to during this time. A sensor promises a remedy".

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User report: Sensors ensure greater transport safety

Packaging Austria
5 / 2018

User report on the use of ASPION G-Log shock sensors at Uhlmann Pac, the world's leading manufacturer of machines for the pharmaceutical industry. Also: Interview with Managing Director Michael Wöhr about special features of the ASPION solution and more.

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Flight recorder for the transport of goods


"... Goods are not always handled in accordance with the specifications during transport. The G-Log provides all parties involved with reliable data in the event of complaints. [...] The causer of the damage can thus be narrowed down and there is more clarity. ..."

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User report: Transport safety thanks to smart sensor technology

Issue 5 / 2018
of 12 October 2018

"Trench Germany, a manufacturer of high-voltage instrument transformers, is the technology center for gas-insulated products within the group and as a member of the Siemens family. The transducers manufactured in Bamberg are shipped all over the world - and have recently been monitored during transport by Aspion's state-of-the-art sensor technology".

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Shock sensors: Reliable detection even with concealed transport damage

4 / 2018

"... Already in the test phase, costly transport damage could be proven with the recordings of the sensors and thus considerable expenses could be avoided. The investment in the sensors has paid off for Uhlmann several times from the very beginning.

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Flight recorder for cargo

AERO international

"... To prove where and when a load was damaged, the shock sensor from Aspion is suitable for transport in aircraft. [...] Due to the battery type and the restriction to passive radio technology NFC, the G-Log sensor is fully approved for air freight."

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Aspion wants to use 'flight recorder' to minimise transport damage

Article from

"Transport insurance is growing as people order more and more online. To ensure that the goods arrive safely, there are transport monitoring sensors. The Karlsruhe-based company Aspion is a manufacturer of such technology and Managing Director Michael Wöhr explains in his guest article how technology can help the insurance industry to cut costs. ..."

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User report: "Trust is good ..."

neue verpackung

"The sensor is an incorruptible observer on the long journey of shock-sensitive products. "Current user report in the trade magazine neue verpackung about the use of ASPION G-Log sensors at Uhlmann Pac, one of the world's leading manufacturers of packaging lines for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Aspion: New generation of shock sensors delivers climate data

rundschau from

"Aspion presents the new generation of its shock sensor for transport monitoring at Fachpack. According to the company, G-Log 2 now also logs climate data in addition to the time-accurate, broken down six-axis recording of impacts.

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Aspion Introduces Advanced Shock Sensor

MM Logistik
from 17.08.2018

"Aspion presents the new generation of its "G-Log 2" shock sensor for transport monitoring at Fachpack. [...] The device now also records climate data. [...] In addition to wireless communication technology NFC (Near Field Communication), the device is also capable of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)".

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User report: "Digital continuous monitoring of machine transports"

FM issue
5/6 2018

"For more than 70 years, the Laupheim-based company Uhlmann has been active as the world's leading manufacturer of machines for packaging and cartoning pharmaceuticals. Many of the packaging lines manufactured by Uhlmann are exported - and are exposed to increased risk of transport damage by sea, air or land. To prove any transport damage, the long-established company has recently started using state-of-the-art shock sensors for digital transport monitoring".

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User report: Digital detection method

issue 6/18

"Ideally, goods should travel from A to B accident-free. In order to document this on the entire transport route, companies rely on the G-Log sensor concept from Aspion. [...] Around 300 machines leave the total of nine plants of Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG [...] In the past, damage occurred repeatedly due to improper handling during transport, which led to considerable difficulties for the sensitive and expensive machines."

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Apple opens NFC interface

Elektronik Praxis
February 2018

"Apple releases the interface for post-range radio (NFC) and thus enables the use of an iOS App with NFC for industrial applications. ASPION, for example, uses the Apple release for NFC, so that its shock sensors are now also readable via iOS App. ..."

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iOS app compatible with Aspion shock sensors
December 2017

"This decision allows the use of an iOS app with NFC for industrial applications. The company Aspion GmbH, [...] has used the release of the interface directly and now enables its customers to read out their shock sensors via NFC with Apple smartphones."

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