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Data logger monitors temperature and humidity intelligently:
Transfer data wirelessly via BLE with app and software

Climate logger for transport and storage

There are many data loggers for temperature and humidity. Yet the devices differ considerably - depending on their use and application. The wireless shock and climate logger ASPION G-Log 2 is the first data logger with Bluetooth on the market that uses intelligent algorithms to protocol exactly those values that are truly important. This is because the mass storage of measured values alone creates neither clarity nor transparency. Rather, the distinction by relevance makes the significant difference here.

Get to know the details of intelligent climate recording here!

Data logger ASPION G-Log 2 shock sensor
transport data logger ASPION G-Log 2

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Data logger for temperature and humidity - explained in short film

The measurement of temperature and humidity with the ASPION G-Log 2 climate/shock data logger provides meaningful details: Even short-term violations of the entered threshold values are easily and directly detectable - recordeded with an accuracy of 5 minutes. As a user, you get the truly relevant measured values at a glance!

Get an overview in the short film in one minute.

Intelligent climate monitoring: Interval-controlled and event-driven

With the option to switch off shock recording and with the intelligent recording of climate data such as temperature and relative humidity - interval and event triggered the data logger is suitable for monitoring temperature and humidity sensitive products during transport and in the warehouse.

What does "interval and event triggered" mean?
How does the temperature and humidity sensor work exactly?

  • Interval: The user specifies a time interval, e.g. every 8 hours, at which a temperature and humidity value is regularly recorded with date and time.
  • Event: A climate event occurs when the threshold values specified by the user, e.g. -5°C / +30°C and 40 % rel. humidity, are violated. The climate logger records this event with date and time to an accuracy of 5 minutes. If the values remain in the unauthorized range, the hysteresis takes effect and stores further relevant values in case of change.
  • Measuring interval: The temperature/humidity sensor, which is calibrated at the factory and adjusted during production, measures its current values every 5 minutes and compares them with the defined settings.

Technical data is available for download in the customer portal!


To protect against rust, goods are provided with an anti-corrosion packaging. If the packaging is damaged or opened by customs, the ASPION G-Log 2 displays the increase in humidity with date and time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Temperature sensitive materials are to be transported between 0° and max. 28 °C and stored for several months. If the temperature exceeds the specified mark of 28 °C or falls below zero, the climate logger records this to an accuracy of 5 minutes. Likewise, when the temperature returns to the permitted range.

In a museum, art-historical works such as paintings and books are monitored for temperature and humidity as part of an exhibition. Instead of a complex installation, the data loggers are simply placed as necessary and the data is monitored via app.

Benefits at a glance


Clever & reliable

Records temperature and humidity as an event when specified thresholds are exceeded/fallen short of and at intervals.


Durable & sustainable

1.5 years battery life with replaceable button cell for resource-saving, sustainable use.



Small as a business card, 35 g light, with eyelets for optional mounting, ABS housing with IP 50 protection class.


app & live data

Via smartphone app data can be read out at any time via Bluetooth at a distance of up to 10 m and as a live view.


Multi-readout via BLE

Multi-readout function reads out many data loggers with one click - via app or with PC and BLE adapter.



Simplest handling with definition of threshold values and optional precise timing for start and/or stop.


Ergonomic & clear

Ergonomic PC software, easy-to-create reports and clear evaluations, export, archive and more.


Air freight & industries

The climate logger is approved for air freight, does not require labeling and can be used universally across all industries.


Made in Germany

Completely developed and manufactured in Germany, with numerous worldwide approvals.

Operation via app and software, wireless via BLE and NFC

The ASPION G-Log 2 data logger is activated via PC software and NFC card reader with threshold values. Equipped with Bluetooth for wireless communication, the data can be read out, evaluated and transmitted at any time via smartphone app, even through packaging.

Practical live view: the current values of the climate loggers can be viewed directly via the app - temperature, humidity and battery status are displayed. Both the apps and the PC software offer a high level of convenience when reading out data via Bluetooth: with just one click, all data loggers in the vicinity are automatically read out one after another.

The apps for iOS and Android provide a quick overview with their summary including graphs. Measured data can be conveniently forwarded to business partners as a PDF report using the PC software. Extensive features such as Excel export, archive, network operation, cloud transfer and many more offer maximum convenience.

Order and get started

The ASPION G-Log 2 starter package contains:

  • 2 data loggers for climate and shock
  • 1 USB card reader
  • 2 sticker "data logger inside"
  • software und app

Price: 289 Euro

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