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So that opening does not become a shock

MM Logistik
from 08.12.2017

"For the first time ever in the history of the iOS operating system, Apple released the Near Field Communication (NFC) interface for third-party applications in mid-September. Aspion, the manufacturer of shock sensors for logistics and industrial applications, has prepared itself for this. ..."

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ASPION awarded with seal of quality

IHK Wirtschaft
Edition May 2017

"ASPION GmbH from Karlsruhe was founded by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (Federal Association of IT SMEs). (BITMi) with the seal of approval 'Software made in Germany'. According to Hubschneider, the software and app for controlling the shock sensors are characterized above all by user-friendliness, flexibility and a sophisticated, smart design.

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Extended measuring range and PIN protection through new software

MM MaschinenMarkt
from 24.01.2017

"[...] Now the Karlsruhe-based manufacturer presents the new version 2 of the PC software Aspion G-Log Manager and the smartphone app, which make the use of smart functions even more flexible..."

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Special Issue Products of the Year 2016

Products of the year 2016
from 16.12.2016

The most important developments in 2016 were published in the special issue "MaschinenMarkt - Products of the Year 2016". In the area of material flow, ASPION G-Log occupies 6th place among a total of 15 TOP products. The selection is made year after year by the MM editorial staff and its readers.

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Shock sensor Aspion G-Log in new version from 05.07.2016

"[...] In addition to recording shock and temperature events, the new version 1.5 of the PC software visualizes for the first time the position of a load in the six main directions."

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Shock sensor also visualizes the position of the transported goods

MM Logistik from 07.07.2016

"[...] In version 1.5, the Karlsruhe-based company is now introducing a number of new functions, such as location visualization or the creation of a clear PDF report."

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Shock sensor provides transparency for transport damage from 03.03.2016

"With the help of the shock sensor, the recorded shock and temperature values can now also be read wirelessly via Smartphone app (Android from version 4.1) via NFC."

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Clarity after transport damage

Draht Magazin

"The sensor therefore only supplies data when the defined threshold values are exceeded or not reached. The PC software 'G-Log Manager' is used for commissioning and evaluation. The data is transmitted wirelessly via NFC."

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LogiMAT 2016: Aspion presents shock sensor with App connection from 17.02.2016

"NFC-enabled system should be easy to handle and the data should be easy to transfer. Aspion presents at the LogiMAT its new shock sensor G-Log with PC software. In addition ..."

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ASPION shock sensor helps to achieve transparency in case of transport damage

B4B from 18.02.2016

"Karlsruhe: It always comes back during [...]. Now recorded shock and temperature values can be read out wirelessly via Smartphone app (Android from version 4.1) from the sensor via NFC ...".

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Aspion Shock Sensor

from 26.01.2016

"Shocks with accelerations of up to ± 16 g across all three axes as well as temperature values with date and time are logged according to the event principle: The sensor thus only supplies data if the defined threshold values are exceeded or not reached. For commissioning ..."

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New shock sensor

FZ anzeiger issue 5/2016

"Aspion has expanded its sensor product range. The new Aspion G-Log digital shock sensor records vibrations or critical temperature events during transport. Logged ..."

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Transparency in case of transport damage

MM Maschinenmarkt
from 21.01.2016

"The sensor functions according to the event principle. With its 3-axis acceleration sensor, it only records impacts with a maximum of ± 16 g that are above a defined threshold value. Using the same principle, the internal temperature sensor also detects critical temperature events in the range from -30°C to +60°C ...".

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Sensor creates clarity after transport damage

1/2016 März

"It happens again and again that transported goods are damaged. The digital shock sensor 'G-Log' records the exact time when shocks or critical temperature events occur. Shocks with accelerations ..." are logged.

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