Monitor openly transported goods: Waterproof shock sensor withstands weather conditions

ASPION G-Log Waterproof

With the G-Log Waterproof, our shock sensor is now available in a completely waterproof version. The sensor's electronics are effectively protected against water and dust by encapsulation and a robust ABS housing. The shock sensor with IP 65 enclosure protection is designed for outdoor use and can be used reliably in temperature ranges from -30° to +60° Celsius.

Transport Datenlogger Aspion G-Log Waterproof
Schocksensor ASPION G-Log als wasserdichte Ausführung: Datenlogger mit Gehäuseschutzart IP 65

The advantages at a glance


The waterproof version with potting enables use outdoors.


The small, compact housing is IP65 rated and can be attached to almost all goods.


The sensor is effectively protected against moisture, spray and jet water as well as the ingress of dust.


The ergonomically operable PC software enables safe handling of the shock recorders - even for untrained persons.


The shock sensor logs occurring shocks and temperature fluctuations, even in demanding environments.


The recorded data can be read out via PC or smartphone app from any location.


The shock sensor can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements.

Suitable for air freight

Can be used for all means of transport and for air freight shipments.

Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured in Germany.


Fields of application

The ASPION G-Log Waterproof Shock Recorder was specially developed for use in harsh working environments. The waterproof housing enables the transport monitoring of unpacked goods as well as the use on machine tools. The shock sensors are used in the transport and logistics industry, in mechanical engineering and in the automotive and electrical industries.

How it works

The G-Log shock recorder is attached to the transported goods by means of a screw connection or industrial adhesive tape, initialized and activated with individual threshold values. Throughout the entire transport route, the shock sensor now stores occurring events such as shocks, vibrations or temperature fluctuations - if these exceed the set tolerance range. The recorded data can be read out at any time using a smartphone app or PC software and USB card reader and automatically transferred in accordance with current data protection guidelines.

Enthusiastic customers, excellent solutions and strong partners

"The problem with our instrument transformers is that damage that occurs during transport is not immediately apparent. For us it is more than important to know exactly when a critical event occurred. Both the measurement data from our laboratory and the price for the G-Log sensor from ASPION convinced us quite quickly."

Manuel Hollet, Shipping Manager
Trench Germany GmbH

"We use the shock sensors to monitor the transport of our high-quality pharmaceutical packaging machines and to track transport or loading damage. The shock sensors have proven themselves right from the start and provide us with very good service in the argumentation of damage to insurance companies or customers."

Rolf Geiger, Head of Export & Shipping
Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

"For the monitoring of a machine transport to Russia we successfully used the ASPION shock sensors. With the Smartphone App our technician was able to read the data at the destination and make an initial diagnosis. Due to its simple handling and robustness, we will continue to expand the system."

Helmut Sobotta, Head of Quality & Martin Ruess, Head of Shipping
Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Nürtingen

"We import photovoltaic panels from Asia. Our experience with transport damage and the unpleasant disputes have led us to organise the complete transport ourselves. The G-Log 2 shock and climate data loggers from Aspion were used from the very beginning. The high quality and level of detail of the recorded data has significantly strengthened our negotiating position with the insurance companies. The days are over when transport parties blamed each other."

Alexander Marxreiter, Managing Director
pv-sos GmbH

"For over 25 years, we have been supplying customers with our machines and systems, which are characterised by quality, availability and delivery speed. With the use of the small and compact ASPION G-Log 2, we track our complete solutions in terms of shock, humidity and temperature.This enables us to detect damaging environmental conditions at an early stage. In this way, we rule out possible malfunctions."

Enrico Dornack, Purchasing Department
ruhlamat GmbH

"In the field of heavy goods packaging as well as for products that are very sensitive to packaging, we rely on complete documentation of the loads during the logistics chain. Here we appreciate the ASPION data logger's simple and individual adjustability as well as the multitude of readout options. Especially the mobile readout via Smartphone provides for enormous transparency and inspires our customers from the special machine construction again and again anew."

Peter Hoffmann-Pichler, Managing Director
IVH Industrieverpackung Heidenheim GmbH

"The ASPION G-Log Manager software and the associated smartphone app for controlling the shock sensors are characterized above all by user-friendliness, flexibility and a sophisticated, smart design. We are also pleased to award seal holders that produce internationally oriented products."

Martin Hubschneider, Vice President BITMi
Bundesverband IT Mittelstand e.V.


Transparenz bei Transportschäden mit dem ASPION G-Log Schocksensor - jetzt testen!

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