Press release 21.06.2021

ASPION celebrates its 10th anniversary

Precision sensor technology for the world

"Shock sensors for monitoring the transport of sensitive goods were already available in 2011, but they were far too expensive, difficult to handle and impossible to operate without specialist knowledge," explains graduate engineer Michael Woehr, who founded ASPION GmbH in Karlsruhe ten years ago. Together with his wife, the entrepreneurial couple wanted to do better than the competition. Today, the two see their corporate philosophy confirmed. The breakthrough came five years ago with the in-house development of the "ASPION G-Log" shock sensor. The scope of performance, depth of detail and price of the compact and practical data logger are unique worldwide. 500 customers now use ASPION technology to accompany the transport of shock-sensitive goods around the globe, such as measuring machines, transformers, fuel cells, inverters and electronic devices.

Managing Director Martina Woehr: "Our products impress with their precision, reliability, durability and their enormous user-friendliness. With our flagship product, the ASPION G-Log 2, we have been really mixing up the market for one and a half years. Due to the pandemic, a secure logistics chain has become a focus for many companies, and our products make a valuable contribution to industrial companies." The electronics and software are developed entirely in-house, and the three versions of the data loggers are manufactured in the Karlsruhe technology region. In addition to shock and impact, the credit-card-sized data loggers also monitor temperature, and the G-Log 2 additionally monitors humidity. Together with the ergonomic PC software, smartphone apps and cloud transfer and further functions, ASPION offers a turnkey, user-friendly complete system that meets the highest demands. Developers receive a developer kit for the integration of the ASPION sensor into third-party systems.

The data is read out wirelessly via Near Field Communication, NFC, and with the G-Log 2 also via Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE, even through outer packaging and transport boxes. The shock data loggers are suitable for every type of transport and can also be used for air freight in compliance with IATA. ASPION benefits from the increase in global transports with the accompanying mishaps. One customer states: "The high quality and detail of the recorded data has significantly strengthened our negotiating position with the insurance companies. Now the times are over when transport participants pass the buck to each other."

Many partners in Germany, Europe and the USA have listed the products of the Karlsruhe-based company. New cooperations have just been concluded for China and Italy. Along with this, the language versions German, English, Italian and Chinese are available for software and apps.


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ASPION GmbH is just 10 years old. Managing director Martina Woehr wants to shake up the market for transport data loggers with the new flagship ASPION G-Log 2.

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