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Additional air freight tracking approvals for ASPION data loggers

After the successful approval by Lufthansa Cargo, Austrian, Swiss and Brussels Airlines, a South Korean as well as a US airline have examined ASPION data loggers for aviation safety.
Successful tests by Asiana Airlines and Atlas Air confirm once again: All ASPION data loggers are suitable for tracking air freight without any restrictions and can be used for air cargo transport of any kind. The built-in button cells do not need to be marked as "dangerous goods". This makes the handling of the data loggers for air freight transports as easy and intuitive as usual.

Detailed information on air freight conditions and general transport regulations can also be found in the ASPION customer portal.

Do you also need approval for a specific airline to transport your goods with ASPION data loggers? Then simply contact us by e-mail. A check and approval usually takes place within a few days.