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Distribution partnership for Italy concluded

Cocoon and ASPION entered into a strategic partnership for the Italian market in the middle of last year. The objective was to successfully establish ASPION data loggers on the market and to gain customers in Italy.

The cooperation is already bearing fruit: Italian customers benefit from an Italian language version of the PC software and apps, as well as their own Cocoon starter package as a simple, low-cost introduction to smart transport monitoring.

Cocoon, based in northern Italy, is a leading company in the field of industrial packaging, packaging materials and customized special protective packaging. The packaging specialist supplies its products to various Italian companies, from electronics and mechanics to chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Visitors to the Palazzo Reale in Milan can see the ASPION G-Log 2 data loggers live in action. In the museum of the Royal Palace of Milan, art-historical works such as paintings and books are monitored for temperature and humidity as part of an exhibition. The small and handy data loggers are simply placed as required and read out via smartphone app.