Press release 12.09.2023

Award-winning shock data logger ASPION G-Log 2 now available as waterproof version

New ASPION data logger for particularly harsh transport conditions

Karlsruhe, 12 September 2023. The ASPION product family just got bigger – with the new ASPION G-Log 2 waterproof. The proven and multiple award-winning solution for shock and climate monitoring is designed for harsh transport conditions and reliably monitors unpackaged goods.

The weather-resistant ASPION G-Log 2 Waterproof transport data logger records shock events traceably on all three axes. In addition to shocks in milliseconds, climate data such as temperature and relative humidity are also reliably logged. Thanks to its robust design, the data logger with protection class IP 65/67 is primarily suitable for transporting unpackaged capital goods in harsh working environments. The transparency and ease of use of the ASPION solution is particularly appreciated by customers for monitoring high-quality machinery and equipment as well as energy technology.

Reduce costs for damage in transit

In the event of damage to high-value goods in transit, the loads that have occurred must be provided in a comprehensible, transparent, and assignable manner to the insuance company. The ASPION G-Log 2 Waterproof does this reliably. By using the data logger, industrial companies reduce costs for damage in transit and significantly improve their process quality. In addition, the intelligent data logger with market-leading price/performance ratio offers a unique function: shock/vibration testing in accordance with transport standard IEC 60721-3-2. For this, the shock sensor compares vibrations and shocks occurring during transport with the selected class and standard. Reliable testing of transport conditions thus becomes possible for companies without expert knowledge and at particularly low cost.

Flexibly manage data loggers with expansion

The software-based service ASPION G-Log Premium significantly expands the scope of performance of the shock data loggers: Recorded data is transferred directly in real time during readout via a secure cloud storage hosted in Germany and made available across locations. All ASPION G-Log 2 data loggers can also be optionally commissioned via app - regardless of location and worldwide. Users are given full flexibility with simultaneously high transparency and maximum process reliability. The service extension is particularly suitable for companies with distributed structures, such as multiple sites or globally located business partners.

Prices and availability

The new ASPION G-Log 2 Waterproof is now available at a net price of 133 euros from the manufacturer as well as sales partners. The extension with the ASPION G-Log Premium service is possible at any time with little installation effort.

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The new ASPION G-Log 2 Waterproof is particularly suitable for harsh transport conditions.

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