Unique features for ASPION G-Log shock and climate data loggers:
The new version 6 offers great flexibility and maximum ease of use!

The new version 6 offers new functions and enhancements for all ASPION data loggers. Hardware, software and apps have been further developed throughout and numerous customer requirements have been implemented in a user-friendly way. One highlight is the easy start-up of ASPION G-Log 2 shock and climate loggers via smartphone app, which at the same time guarantees full flexibility, transparency and process reliability. Get to know the details here!

To be able to use the new functions immediately, update your PC software via the customer portal and use the latest version of the smartphone app. Delivery of the new data loggers and software starts now!

Highlights of the new version 6 for all data loggers

Navigate flexibly through data

Users navigate more easily with the revised user interface for data analysis. Climate values and other events can now be flexibly shown and hidden.

Cut-out tool

For flexible documentation of details of recorded data, the new cut-out tool is available to the user and thus offers a higher level of comfort.

Threshold from 0.2 g

For experts and for shock monitoring of particularly heavy machinery, the threshold value for shock detection can be set as low as 0.2 g - of course in combination with the shock duration to be specified.

Further highlights - depending on the variant

Activate anywhere via app

ASPION G-Log 2 with Premium Service

In combination with the Premium Service, the shock and climate data logger can now be activated simply via smartphone app in a process-safe manner and regardless of location. Full control and transparency are guaranteed.

No battery consumption


The battery consumption in the delivery state is reduced to zero with the battery pull tab. This is not only resource-saving but also useful during deployment and storage times.

Readable despite empty battery

ASPION G-Log & Waterproof

With a newly integrated NFC chip, data can be read even when the battery is flat. The data is permanently stored in a non-volatile memory.

Higher comfort all along the line: New functions for all ASPION data loggers

With the new version 6 of the PC software, you can navigate through the recorded data in a user-friendly way. Individual event data can also be clearly shown or hidden to display the information according to your needs. With the new cut-out tool, you can save any view as image file at the touch of a button for flexible documentation or forwarding of detailed data.

For particularly heavy goods and special requirements, you can record shocks and vibrations from as little as 0.2 g with any ASPION data logger. Expert knowledge is always advisable for this application.

The new notification service provides clear information about newly imported data analyses. Loading larger quantities of data in the background now also allows you to work quickly immediately after starting the software.

The ASPION G-Log Manager offers numerous new functions in the new version 6.

Activate ASPION G-Log 2 via app: process-safe and with full transparency

You can now activate the ASPION G-Log 2 shock and climate data logger in combination with the Premium Service via app in a process-safe and location-independent manner via BLE. Through the orchestrated interaction of PC software, cloud transfer and app, you retain complete control and transparency of all devices used at all times.

As an industrial customer, this extension gives you maximum flexibility with simultaneous process reliability and transparency. In particular, collaboration in distributed structures and with suppliers is supported in a user-friendly way and independent of location.

By equipping the data logger with a battery pull tab, unnecessary battery consumption is prevented, for example, during delivery or storage times.

How it works:

Step 1: Create the desired profile with the PC software. It is stored in the QR code and saved together with the instructions as a PDF.

Step 2: Send these instructions to a colleague or business partner who will activate a data logger with this profile via the app.

Step 3: The user activates the data logger via the app: Scan QR code, scan barcode of the data logger – and the activation is complete.

Step 4: The activation of the data logger is automatically listed with date, time and location in your PC software.

The new version 6 of the PC software is available for download in the ASPION customer portal. There you will also find valuable information such as white papers, FAQs, documentation and much more.

Smartphone app for Android and iOS

The new app version is available for Android and iOS devices in the respective stores. Simply scan the QR code at the bottom of this page with your smartphone. You will automatically be taken to the ASPION G-Log app.

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