Press Release 21.01.2016

ASPION G-Log digitally records shocks of up to ± 16 g in three axes

Transparency in transport damage: Low-cost new shock sensor with NFC

During transport, valuable goods can be damaged time and again. The new digital shock sensor ASPION G-Log records the exact time when shocks or critical temperature events occur. Shocks with accelerations of up to ± 16 g across all three axes as well as temperature values with date and time are recorded according to the event principle: The sensor therefore only supplies data if the specified threshold values are exceeded or not reached. The PC software ASPION G-Log Manager is used for commissioning and evaluation of the shock sensor. Data is transmitted wirelessly via NFC (Near Field Communication). The ASPION G-Log shock sensor is now available for 69 Euro net from the manufacturer.

Event-controlled recording of shock and temperature

The new digital shock sensor ASPION G-Log operates according to the event principle: With its 3-axis acceleration sensor, it only records shocks with a maximum of ± 16 g that exceed a defined threshold value. Using the same principle, it also records critical temperature events in the range from -30°C to +60°C with the internal temperature sensor. The sensor stores a total of 286 events, including the very first one and a further eight highest shock events with a detailed history at millisecond level. To check that the sensor is running in active mode, additional activity events in the form of shock interrogations are generated and logged by the sensor itself at a freely definable time interval.

Wireless data transmission via NFC and long battery life

Data is transmitted wirelessly via Near Field Communication (NFC). The data is transferred to and from the sensor using an NFC card reader, which is connected to the PC via a USB port, and the ASPION G-Log Manager PC software.

Depending on the data rate between 25 and 400 Hertz, the shock sensor with its standard CR2032 button cell can run for up to one and a half years from activation. The sensor weighs 35 grams and has a small, robust ABS housing with IP 50 protection. It can be easily fixed to the transported goods by screw mounting.

Easy handling with ergonomic PC software

The shock sensor is operated with the ASPION G-Log Manager for Microsoft Windows and an NFC card reader. Threshold values for shock and permitted temperature range are managed by the user via profiles. The assignment of a sensor to a transmission takes place over a freely definable text. A traffic light function shows immediately after the readout whether shock and/or temperature events are present. Further functions such as immediate or time-controlled start, battery capacity check or evaluations with selectable time zone can be called up by the user with a mouse click. With the export function in Excel format, the evaluations can be forwarded to service providers such as carriers or insurance companies for verification.

Availability and Prices

The ASPION G-Log shock sensor with the PC software ASPION G-Log Manager was developed by ASPION GmbH itself, the sensor is produced in Germany. The product is now available directly from the manufacturer at a net price of 69 Euro. The PC software is included in the price. With the favourable price/performance ratio, the sensor is also suitable for one-way use. Currently the language versions German and English are available. An NFC card reader with USB connection is available from the manufacturer. ASPION offers a test package for a non-binding test.

Manufacturer and source of supply

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ASPION GmbH develops and markets energy-optimized, smart sensors with wireless communication for industrial 4.0 applications. The hardware and software solutions are designed to support industrial companies in their logistical tasks: Logistical processes and procedures can be intelligently networked, digitized and efficiently organized by ASPION's smart sensors. Sensor solutions are an essential building block in the digitization of industrial 4.0 applications, with which industrial and trading companies can save valuable time and costs.

The Karlsruhe-based company was founded in 2011 by managing director Michael Wöhr. The shock sensor ASPION G-Log was developed from a customer project and is the first standard product of the sensor manufacturer. Engineering services in the area of hardware-related development with solution integration round off the company's range of services.

Reliably log shock events with the shock sensor ASPION G-Log

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Shock sensor digitally records shocks in 3 axes

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