Press release from 17.01.2017

Smart and flexible: Transport monitoring with shock sensor ASPION G-Log

New version 2 with stop function, extended measuring range and PIN protection

Transports do not always take place without incidents and sensitive goods arrive damaged at their destination. The digital shock sensor ASPION G-Log provides more transparency here: It records with pinpoint accuracy when shocks or critical temperature events occur. The Karlsruhe-based manufacturer is now presenting the new Version 2 of the PC software ASPION G-Log Manager and the Smartphone app, which make use of smart functions even more flexible: Time-controlled stop function, optional shock values up to ± 24 g and PIN protection for detailed views when reading out with the smartphone app. The new version 2 of the PC software can be used with existing sensors and is now available free of charge via the ASPION customer portal. The updated app for NFC-enabled smartphones with Android operating system is available in the Google Play Store.

Stop function enables fully time-controlled recording

An ASPION G-Log sensor can now be used completely time-controlled: When initializing a sensor, the user can set a fixed start and stop date to record shock and temperature events. There are no time limits. The advantages: If a sensor is returned by the customer, the stop date can be selected so that, for example, no further shocks are recorded when the sensor is returned. If longer periods of time are to be logged, several sensors can be used successively over the start and stop date - thus a time limitation is removed. The recorded data is retained even if the battery is empty.

Display range for shock values extendable to ± 24 g

The display of the recorded values of the acceleration sensor can be extended by the user up to ± 24 g as desired. The acceleration sensor built into the hardware measures shock values up to ± 24 g by the manufacturer, but is only calibrated to ± 16 g by the factory. Measured values above ± 16 g may contain higher deviations than the usual 2.5 %. "Our experience as well as that of our pilot customers and measurements in an accredited test laboratory have shown that shock values outside the calibrated range show similar deviations as the values in the calibrated range. Therefore, we were pleased to meet the customer's demand for an extension of the display range," says Michael Wöhr, Managing Director of ASPION GmbH. "However, there is no guarantee for the accuracy of these values beyond the calibrated range," adds the trained electrical engineer, who is responsible for the hardware developed at the company headquarters in Karlsruhe.

Smartphone app hides recorded events through PIN protection

If desired, the recorded events of a sensor can be hidden when reading with the ASPION G-Log App for NFC-enabled smartphones with Android Version 4.1 or higher: They only become visible in the app after entering a PIN assigned by the user. This is useful, for example, to protect against unauthorized access. Or if recipients of goods read out the sensor data and send it to the sender by e-mail, but do not want to view the contents of recorded events in detail. This prevents the recipients of sensitive goods from becoming insecure. With the new list function of the smartphone app, several data from different sensors can be read in, viewed individually and sent by e-mail.

Availability and Prices

All functions of the new version 2 can be used with already existing sensors from the next use. The new version of the PC software is available for download in the ASPION customer portal, the new app is available in the Google Play Store. Software and app can be used free of charge with the ASPION G-Log sensors. A single sensor is available for 69 Euro from the manufacturer and the ASPION partners.


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ASPION GmbH develops and markets energy-optimized, smart sensors with wireless communication for industrial 4.0 applications. The hardware and software solutions are designed to support industrial companies in their logistical tasks: Logistical processes and procedures can be intelligently networked, digitized and efficiently organized by ASPION's smart sensors. Sensor solutions are an essential building block in the digitization of industrial 4.0 applications, with which industrial and trading companies can save valuable time and costs.

The Karlsruhe-based company was founded in 2011 by Managing Director Michael Wöhr. The shock sensor ASPION G-Log was developed from a customer project and is the sensor manufacturer's first standard product. Engineering services in the area of hardware-related development with solution integration round off the company's range of services.

Reliably log shock events with the shock sensor ASPION G-Log

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New in Version 2:

Shock sensor now with extended measuring range, stop function and PIN protection

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