Press release 15.11.2022

New features for ASPION shock and climate data loggers

Transport data loggers available in new version 6

Karlsruhe, 15 November 2022. Damage protection for the worldwide transport of shock- and climate-sensitive industrial goods is now offered by ASPION GmbH with its continuously enhanced transport data loggers. The new version 6 of the ASPION G-Log solution, consisting of data loggers, software and apps, implements numerous customer requirements in a user-friendly manner with a wide range of functions and enhancements. One highlight is the location-independent easy commissioning of ASPION G-Log 2 shock and climate loggers via smartphone app, which at the same time guarantees full flexibility, transparency and process reliability.

New functions for greater flexibility

As a consistently optimized version, all users benefit from new functions in the PC software. For example, threshold values of less than 2 g can be set for all data loggers, which is intended for shock monitoring of particularly heavy equipment. The revised user interface and the new cutout tool offer users more convenience in data analysis and documentation. The new NFC chip in the ASPION G-Log and its waterproof variant now allows logged data to be read out via NFC even when the battery is exhausted.

Location-independent activation via smartphone app with full control

The Bluetooth-equipped shock and climate data logger ASPION G-Log 2 can now be activated in combination with the premium service via smartphone app in a process-safe and location-independent manner. To do so, the user simply scans a QR code with the ASPION G-Log app and activates a factory default data logger via BLE. Through the orchestrated interaction of PC software, cloud transfer and app, the user retains complete control and transparency of the devices used at all times. By equipping the data logger with a battery pull tab, unnecessary battery consumption is prevented, for example, during delivery or storage times.

With these enhancements, industrial customers gain increased flexibility, transparency and process reliability. In particular, collaboration in distributed structures and with suppliers is supported in a user-friendly manner and across countries.

Availability and prices

The new data loggers, apps and software are available now. Version 6 of the PC software is available for download in the ASPION customer portal (, the updated app for Android and iOS smartphones is available in the respective store. With sophisticated shock detection at millisecond level, essential for assessing serious damage from impacts, ASPION offers a market-leading price/performance ratio. The data loggers are available from 77 EUR net including PC software and app.

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Mehr Transparenz, Flexibilität und Prozesssicherheit bietet ASPION mit der neuen Version seiner Transport Datenlogger.

ASPION offers more transparency, flexibility and process reliability with the new version of its transport data loggers.

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