Press Release 24.10.2017

New products for more transparency in transport monitoring

ASPION expands product range with weatherproof sensor and cloud service

The Karlsruhe-based company ASPION is expanding its product portfolio with immediate effect with a waterproof version of its shock sensor ASPION G-Log and a cloud-based service for automated, digitalized monitoring, tracking and analysis of the sensors used. The company thus meets the needs of its export-strong customers from the machine and plant construction industry and takes a further step towards Industry 4.0.

New: Waterproof sensor for harsh environmental conditions

With the ASPION G-Log Waterproof, the shock sensor is now available for the first time in a version that is completely protected against water ingress. The sensor's electronics are effectively protected against moisture, splash water, water jets and the ingress of dust by encapsulation and a robust ABS housing. This enables the sensor to be used even on unpackaged goods that are directly exposed to the prevailing environmental influences. The ASPION G-Log Waterproof complies with the guidelines for housing protection class IP 65. In addition to complete encapsulation of the electronics, the G-Log Waterproof sensor is also temperature-resistant: It can be used reliably in temperature ranges from -30° to +60° Celsius.

User-friendly and individually controllable

The G-Log Waterproof is primarily aimed at users from the mechanical engineering or logistics industry and can be adapted comprehensively to individual requirements for transport monitoring of shock and temperature values. Simple commissioning with indication of threshold values and time-controlled recording, reliable, event-controlled logging of vibrations and shocks up to ± 24 g as well as temperature values belong to the scope of performance of the sensor. Users appreciate the ergonomic, easy-to-use PC software, the fast readout via smartphone app and the optimum price/performance ratio.

Cloudbased software service ASPION G-Log Premium

ASPION has developed the software-based service G-Log Premium to expand the scope of services to include cloud storage and location information. This solution enables the automatic transmission of events recorded in the sensor as well as the current GPS position via smartphone app into a cloud memory.

Data recording without memory limit

A big advantage of the cloud-based service is that there is virtually no memory limit. Depending on the readout frequency, events can be recorded virtually indefinitely. The registered events such as shock or temperature values are added together in the online memory and thus offer complete evaluations. The location information obtained is displayed on a digital map and on the time axis of the recorded events. An assignment to transport sections is thus directly possible.

Use of existing infrastructure with high user-friendliness

The entire process is extremely simple for the user. Once the sensors have been read out using a smartphone app, the recorded events are automatically transferred to the cloud memory via the mobile phone or W-LAN network. Here the collected data is consolidated and transferred to the ASPION G-Log Manager PC software for further analysis. Intelligent encryption mechanisms ensure that sensitive data is protected.

G-Log Premium makes intelligent use of the smartphone's infrastructure for GPS positioning and data transmission via mobile radio or W-LAN. This makes additional, expensive infrastructure superfluous. G-Log Premium can be used immediately with all ASPION G-Log sensors.

"With the introduction of the waterproof G-Log sensor and the cloud-based service G-Log Premium, we meet two essential requirements of our customers", says ASPION Managing Director Michael Wöhr, "on the one hand, high process reliability even in demanding working environments as well as a simple and secure tracking of transport events without the use of expensive hardware or infrastructure".

Availability and Prices

The ASPION G-Log Waterproof Sensor is now available for 89 Euro net. For the introduction of the cloudbased software service G-Log Premium ASPION offers interested companies a free test operation. For comprehensive advice on the products, the ASPION GmbH experts are available at any time by telephone or in a personal conversation.


ASPION GmbH develops and markets energy-optimized, smart sensors with wireless communication for industrial 4.0 applications. The hardware and software solutions 'Made in Germany' support industrial companies in their logistical tasks: Processes and procedures can be intelligently networked, digitized and efficiently organized by ASPION's smart sensors. Sensor solutions are an essential building block in the digitization of industrial 4.0 applications, with which industrial and commercial enterprises save valuable time and costs. ASPION, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, was founded in 2011 by Managing Director Michael Wöhr. In addition to the award-winning standard product ASPION G-Log for transport monitoring, engineering services in the area of hardware-related development with solution integration round off the range of services.

Schocksensor ASPION G-Log als wasserdichte Ausführung: Datenlogger mit Gehäuseschutzart IP 65

Waterproof sensor: ASPION G-Log Waterproof

ASPION G-Log Premium ist ein cloudbasierter Dienst automatisierten, digitalisierten Überwachung, Nachverfolgung und Analyse der eingesetzten Sensoren

New cloud-based service delivers sensor readings without additional infrastructure

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ASPION expands its product portfolio with waterproof shock sensors and cloud-based services for automated, digitalized monitoring, tracking and analysis of the sensors used.

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