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Two awards for smart transport monitoring

ASPION receives "Software Made in Germany" seal of approval again

"100 % service, 100 % quality, 100 % future" - these are the main characteristics on the basis of which the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand (BITMi e.V.) awards its seal of approval every year. On November 9, 2018, ASPION GmbH was awarded the seal for the second time in a row for the software and apps of its sensor solution ASPION G-Log for smart transport monitoring. Just two days earlier, ASPION was a finalist at the Arrow Innovators Award.

BITMi Vice President Martin Hubschneider presented the certificate to Michael Wöhr, ASPION founder and managing director, at the 5th summit meeting of leading German software manufacturers in Karlsruhe. "We are proud to receive the seal of approval for the second year in a row", says ASPION Managing Director Michael Wöhr. Just two days earlier, on November 7, ASPION was a finalist at the Arrow Innovators Award 2018, which annually honors innovations from the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. "These awards underline our claim to continuously optimize our products and to inspire our customers with innovative and efficient sensor technology 'Made in Germany'".

ASPION GmbH develops and sells robust, durable and cost-effective shock sensors which record vibrations, shocks and climate data during the worldwide transport of goods according to the event principle. The sensors thus ensure transparency and help to clarify cases of damage and avert costs. In addition to various sensors, the range of services includes smart apps, ergonomically operated PC software and cloud memory to make the operation and processing of the data generated by the sensors particularly user-friendly.

"We are very pleased to be able to award ASPION GmbH our seal of approval "Software Made in Germany" for the second year in a row," says BITMi Vice President Martin Hubschneider. "Internationally oriented products and solutions, which can provide real locational advantages especially for German medium-sized businesses, are an expression of the efficiency of our IT industry".

The BITM e.V. seal of approval is awarded to medium-sized German companies that develop products and software that stand out due to their sophisticated design, proven solutions, continuous innovation and competent, comprehensive customer service. Certification with the seal of approval also honors the company's commitment to small and medium-sized businesses - and is thus both a valuable marketing instrument and a commitment to Germany as a business location.


The Karlsruhe-based ASPION GmbH develops and markets smart, energy-optimized sensor technology for mobile use on the transport route. The hardware and software solutions are designed to optimize logistics tasks, procedures and processes through digitalization and intelligent networking. Engineering services in the area of hardware-related development with solution integration for industry 4.0 applications round off the service portfolio of the company founded in 2011.

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The Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. is the only IT trade association to represent the interests of German SMEs. Associated associations as well as direct members are united in the BITMi, so that the association represents the interests of more than 1000 medium-sized IT companies with a sales volume of over one billion euros.


Reliably log shock events with the shock sensor ASPION G-Log

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Michael Wöhr, Managing Director ASPION GmbH receives the award "Software Made in Germany" from BITMi Vice President Martin Hubschneider (v.l.n.r.)


Software Made in Germany" Seal of Quality

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