Transportüberwachung ASPION G-Log in neuer Version 2

Smart and flexible transport monitoring: ASPION G-Log in new version 2.1

The shock sensor ASPION G-Log is now available in the new version 2.1. Smart functions make the use of the sensors for transport monitoring even more flexible. Here we present the highlights in detail. By the way: All new functions of version 2.1 can be used immediately with all - even existing - sensors from the next use. Please update your PC software via the customer portal and your Smartphone App.

Highlights of the new version 2.1 at a glance:


Start and stop functions enable fully time-controlled recording of shock and temperature values.


The display range for shock values has been extended to ± 24 g. This can be controlled via the global settings.

Flexible App Control

Control of the smartphone app for displaying details and stop function, each with PIN protection, etc.

Clearly arranged

The new deployment list clearly shows all details of the activated sensors for transport monitoring.


Writing and reading with the USB card reader has been optimized so that read and write operations are now very fast.

Stop function for app and application list

A sensor can now be stopped with the smartphone app. When activating a sensor, you assign a self-defined PIN, which must be entered when stopping with the smartphone app. This ensures the necessary security at the same time. The new deployment list shows all sensors in use with their details, making your transport monitoring even clearer. In addition, writing and reading with the USB card reader has been optimized.

ASPION G-Log in Version 2.1: Sensor per App Stoppen nach PIN-Eingabe und aktuelle Übersicht mit der neuen Einsatzliste.

Fully timed recording

You can now use an ASPION G-Log sensor completely time-controlled. When initializing a sensor, you set a start and stop date for recording shock and temperature events. There are no time restrictions. The advantages If a sensor is returned by the customer, the stop date can be selected in such a way that no further shocks are recorded when the sensor is returned. If longer periods of time are to be recorded, several sensors can be used consecutively over the start and stop date. Thus a time limitation is cancelled. The recorded data is retained even if the battery is empty.

Display range expandable to ± 24 g

You can expand the display of the recorded acceleration sensor values to up to ± 24 g using the new "General settings" function. The accelerometer installed in the hardware measures shock values up to ± 24 g by the manufacturer, but is calibrated to ± 16 g by the factory. Values above ± 16 g may therefore contain higher deviations. The display range defined when writing to the sensor is used for all displays, for example when reading out with the PC software ASPION G-Log Manager or with the smartphone app. Therefore, the peak values displayed may vary from sensor to sensor depending on the selected setting.


Hide events with PIN protection

The recorded events of a sensor can be provided with PIN protection using the new "Global settings" function. This means that the ASPION G-Log App does not display any details. Only after entering the assigned PIN details of recorded shock or temperature events become visible. This permanently protects your data from unauthorized access during and after transport. Or if recipients of goods read out the sensor data and send it to the sender by e-mail, but do not want to view events in detail. In the picture:

On the left the display without PIN protection, on the right with PIN protection.

More new features of the smartphone app

With the new list function of the smartphone app you can now read several sensors. You can call up the details of a broadcast via the list. The detailed evaluation can be sent by e-mail as usual. In the detail views, the assigned PIN protection is taken into account (only display of general information, no details) and in the case of shock events, the set display range (± 16 g or ± 24 g). Even in the list function, the app does not show any traffic light elements, as long as the detailed display is protected by a PIN. You can easily delete evaluations that are no longer required in the new list function.


How do I get the new version 2.1 for transport monitoring of my goods?

Die PC-Software in der neuen Version 2.1 steht für Sie im ASPION Kundenportal zum Download bereit. Außerdem erhalten Sie weitere wertvolle Informationen wie Handbücher, Antworten auf Fragen, Wirkung zu Beschleunigungen, u.v.m.

Smartphone App ASPION G-Log

The current version of the ASPION G-Log App is available via the Google Play Store or Baidu (for China).