Quality assurance for cutting-edge adaptive optics with ASPION G-Log 2

On 15 February 2024, ASPION data loggers were part of an extremely interesting transport. The TNO NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) Adaptive Secondary Mirror (ASM) was carried on a commercial flight from Amsterdam to Kona, Hawaii and safely arrived at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy in Hilo. The mirror was suspended on wire rope isolators and mounted in a hard case. Two ASPION G-Log 2 data loggers were attached to the payload to monitor shock, temperature and relative humidity, providing relevant parameters for quality assurance.

Matias Kidron, Project Manager at TNO innovation for life praises the ease of use of the data loggers: “Handling is designed to be easy for the user and the app is particularly convenient to use." ASPION congratulates TNO and all project participants on this extraordinary achievement which is paving the way for a whole new level of resolution in ground-based observations.

The equally impressive transport from m-tex antenna technology GmbH demonstrates that the ASPION G-Log 2 can be used to successfully monitor both compact and large mirror elements.


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